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Parking Solutions

Events of different character will attract different age and gender mixes and different transport mode choices - one venue might host events as different as rugby/football/horse shows and even pop concerts. Sports such as rugby or football can have different varied traffic patterns dependent on the home location of the competing teams.

Our services include a 'Start to Finish Approach'. Having agreed requirements with the client/venue organiser, the following services are available:

  • Parking plans encompassing any traffic management requirements inclusive of satellite facilities (park and ride).
  • Signage - internal (most standard)

    and external (for external see traffic management area).
  • Comprehensive stocks of car parking control equipment, cones, barriers, stakes, tape, rope and sign boards for use with cars, coaches, HGVs and motorbikes.
  • Home office licensed radios.
  • Insurance - comprehensive liability cover with disclaimer display.
  • Risk assessment for health and safety policy.
  • Experienced UK regional staff.
  • Uniformed personnel, including various hi-vis uniforms.
  • Formal employment application and vetting apply to all personnel.
  • Daily traffic analysis.
  • Provision of personnel (audit/ticket sellers) for car park ticket sales where appropriate.
  • Full daily audit reporting with associate accounting analysis.
  • Multi-agency consultation.

The car parking staff are most likely to be the first personnel with whom customers will have the opportunity of verbal contact, so we understand that first impressions are important. Therefore their assistance will reflect substantially upon your customers' overall impression of your event organisation.


A safe internal traffic system is vital to the well being of an event site both during build and breakdown. In achieving this you will reduce site congestion and ensure that the build is not delayed.

Our banks-man and traffic marshalls will ensure safe and and controlled vehicle movement on to and around the venue. The creation of one way systems, vehicle holding areas and enforcing vehicle movement rules are included in this procedure.

Traffic controllers can record access and egress movement of vehicles into restricted areas which can reduce equipment theft.